Coach Ap’s 12 month program includes

done Weekly Zoom Calls
done How to utilize the internet to grow business
done Creating multiple streams of income
done How to get business funding
done How to properly multi-task
done Spiritual Guidance
done Health & Fitness
done How to tap in to spiritual downloads
done Learning thoughts vs hearing from God
done Public Speaking
done Networking 101
done Dress Code
done Field Trips
done Hands on experience
done Increasing Self belief
done How to get people to believe in your vision
done Acting 101
done Music Production 101
done Video Editing 101
done Photography 101
done Animation 101
done Art 101
done Music Production 101
done Fashion Design 101
done Day Trading/Forex 101

Coach Ap is known as one of the great visionaries of today's time. As the Founder of tech company The Black Tube he has taken his 20 plus years of experience in the tech world and created a digital world which not only creates revenue for tens of thousands of users, but revolutionizes the way we use the internet. Learn how to grow into your purpose from this great leader who has helped mentor many creatives and entrepreneurs who have gone on to become success stories! Read this article for more on Coach Ap

"Coach Ap has taught me how to grow as an influencer. From learning more about video editing, creating quality thumbnails, to gaining better monetization across the internet."

- Mr Ant Davis

"It's not so often you meet someone with thousands of viral videos dating back to 16 years ago on YouTube and they're still relevant in 2024. As a creator/entrepreneur it was a no brainer for me to move from Ny to Cali and sign up for Coach Ap's mentorship program"

- K Dizzy

"Through Coach Ap's mentorship I've grown from being a software engineer to a software entrepreneur. I'm growing the confidence to believe I can achieve anything!"

- Auna Walton

Coach Ap

Change Your Life!
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